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Happiness Is A Warm Bun

rants and rhymes for todays crooked times

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i give out free hugs.
being a bit psychic, being a lady, being hollywood, being honest, being ridiculous, collaging, crafts, dancing, drawing, exploring new places, family trees, fashion, fighting the good fight, flowers, forgiving, giving high fives, giving peace a chance, hating on june bugs, having a destructive appetite, having mad thinking sessions, irrational fears, jesus, keeping traditions, learning useless facts, listening to hanson., listening to my insticts, listening to trees, live music, loving everyone, making good friends, making instruments, making my lungs hate-me, mind expanding, nature, people who are nice, petting every animal, poetry, religion, respecting my elders, saying what i mean, slowly escaping society, soaking up postive energy, tea, the discovery channel, the look of love, things of olde, thrills of the hunt, travelling tales, trees, trying everything three times, unicorns, watching every movie made, watching for turtles, wearing big sunglasses, wildlife, woodland animals, your mom